Top 5 Things to do in Alamosa Summer 2024

Summer in Alamosa is anything but dull and there is something exciting to experience around every corner! With so much to do and see in the area, we thought we would recommend our top 5 favorite summer activities to do during the summer of 2024! Read below to explore Visit Alamosa’s top 5 picks for fun within the city limits! 

Visit Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve 

The Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve is a top choice when it comes to visiting Alamosa, afterall, we aren't called ‘The Gateway to the Great Sand Dunes’ for no reason! There is so much fun to be had within the park, but just to name a few…..

Sandboarding/ Sand Sledding

This unique experience is waiting for you! Rent a board from Kristi Mountain Sports in town before you head over to the dunes! It will take roughly 30 minutes to get to the dunes, and another 20 or so minutes to get to find a good hill to use. Turn a winter activity into a summer favorite as you glide down golden dunes. 

Mountain Master Off-Road Tours

Ready to see the dunes behind the scenes? Book a jeep tour with Mountain Master to embark on an off-road adventure that you will never forget. Take in the scenery as you splash through creeks, tear through the sand and rumble over the rocks with a trained professional in a vehicle equipped to handle the challenge! 

Rugged Air Tours 

Experience the Great Sand Dunes in a way the rest of your friends havent when you book a flight with Rugged Air Tours. Soar over the dunes and see every ridge, peak, and mountain surrounding the park. Get a view that only the birds get to see on this exciting adventure! 

Stay Late and Stargaze

As they say, half of the fun begins after the sun sets! Named a National Dark Skies Park and known for the striking night sky photos taken, the stargazing at the Great Sand Dunes is not to be missed. Lay down a blanket, sip on something warm, and take in a star show you will never forget. 

Spend a Day Exploring Downtown 

Breakfast Options Downtown

Though you will find there are limited options in town for breakfast, the options that are available are sure to please! There are more options to be found on the restaurants section of, but here are Team Visit Alamosa’s Top two picks! 


Serving southern comfort foods often featuring local ingredients and craft coffee in a low key coffee house setting, this location is perfect for getting your normal, all american breakfast! 

Crazy Corner Cafe 

A cozy cafe tucked away in Alamosa serving both American and Mexican style dishes. When in Colorado, you have to try green chili, and Crazy Corners rendition of a traditional green chili is a Valley comfort food worth writing home about! 

Shopping Downtown

Shopping in Downtown Alamosa is both peaceful and exciting. Visitors will find unique shops that host items that are sure to catch your eye! From our most unique shops like Kreative Kraftworks, specializing is custom handmade work and White Shell Mountain Ranch who specialize in goat milk products to fine, higher scale items found in Treasure Alley, to actual souvenir shops like Mammoth, to stores like Narrow Gauge Book Coop and Milagros Coffee House who host artwork and items that are made locally! There are surprises around every corner and the entire family will be able to find a souvenir to cherish for years to come! 

More Downtown Fun

All shopped out and just looking for a relaxing afternoon? We recommend hitting one of the local coffee shops for a refreshing beverage and hitting Downtown for the Self Guided Historical Walking Tour and Self Guided Artwalk! 

Historical Walking Tour

Alamosa is filled to the brim with history. Some of the buildings in Downtown are more than 140 years old and still stand beautifully preserved. The walking tour hosts 26 stops and could easily fill an afternoon!  


As you stroll through Downtown Alamosa, you will find multiple sculptures on the sidewalks for your enjoyment. Each piece has a QR code on the plaque in front of it leading the viewer to more information about each piece seen! This is a great way to get out of the hotel and view unique and beautiful art outside of a gallery. 

Dining and NightCaps 

The local eatery scene in Alamosa is hot and there is absolutely no shortage of amazing dining facilities in town! A full list of options can be found on our website, but here are Visit Alamosa’s Top three choices for dining in Alamosa:

Lindo Jalisco 

Indulge in authentic Mexican cuisine and sip on delicious crafted cocktails in this vibrant family owned restaurant. Serving up delicious food and excellent service, Lindo Jalisco is sure to become one of your must stop eateries in Alamosa 

The Friar’s Fork

The Friar's Fork & Sanctuary is a Mediterranean/Italian Restaurant & The Sanctuary is a sophisticated and low-key tavern or speakeasy of sorts serving higher-end spirits and local beers. This intimate location is perfect for date night or for any occasion that calls for top tier eats!

San Luis Valley Brewing Company 

A local favorite and hub for fun is the San Luis Valley Brewing Company. Housemade beer, a hearty menu featuring many local ingredients, and tasty appetizers all coupled with a full bar in a laid back brewpub setting right in the heart of Downtown Alamosa. 

Colorado Gators 

Colorado Gators is one of the most unexpected adventures that is found within Alamosa! Gators in Colorado is definitely not the first thing that comes to mind when planning your trip, but we promise it is not an experience to be missed! Colorado Gators is a Reptile rescue and rehabilitation center. Animals from all walks of life and all different places come to find their home at this secluded sanctuary including retired movie stars like ‘Morris’ who is most famous for his role in ‘Happy Gilmore’. Find snakes, lizards, birds, and more as you walk through their facility. Feed the big gators or test your bravery as you hold a baby gator! There are countless hours of fun waiting to be had at this location, be sure to pack your camera, because you may need proof for people to believe you! 

Hike Alamosa 

Alamosa is home to some of the best hiking opportunities offered! There is a trail for everyone all ranging from mild, easy hikes for everyone and more extreme hikes for the experienced hiker. No matter what trail you choose, you are in for a fun filled day of epic views and beautiful wildlife. Here are three hiking trail options that are considered easy paths, perfect for the entire group! 

Mosca Pass Trail 

Travel 6.2 miles in just over 3 hours on this beautiful trail. Considered a moderately difficult route, you will enjoy wildlife, bird watching, wildflowers, and breathtaking forest views along the way.

Zapata Falls

Located just outside of the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve entrance, this the the perfect hike to take before a day at the dunes. This easy 0.9 mile hike is suitable for hikers of all ages and leashed pets and will only take about a half hour to complete. The reward at the end of the trail is a beautiful waterfall tucked into a small cave-like structure that flows into a gorgeous creek that is perfect to cool off in! Beautiful flowers, birds, various species of wildlife and insects will be spotted along the way. 

Alamosa South Bluff Trail 

This trail is considered to be an easy hike. Stretching just over a mile, it is a great way to get outside and explore for a day. Opportunities to gaze at Sandhill Cranes, river oxbows, and even eagles may present themselves along the way. Being that this trail is located within the Alamosa National Wildlife refuge hikers will be able to take in an almost bird's eye view of the gorgeous refuge! The trail is maintained by the refuge staff and makes for a well kept trail for travelers to experience

For more information about hiking in Alamosa, check out our blog, Hike Alamosa 

Wildlife and Scenic Viewing at Alamosa National Wildlife Refuge 

Cranes seasonally and countless other species of birds 

The crane migration in the San Luis Valley generally begins mid February, peaks the first two weeks of March and most of the crane will move out by the first week in April. Travelers will have the opportunity to view the cranes on more than 100,000 acres of wetlands across the Valley! Though the wetlands are hotspots for viewing, the birds can be found in crop fields, along the banks of bodies of water, out in the cattle fields and even standing on the road sides. It can be hard to narrow down the perfect viewing spot, but all of the information one needs can be found here on the Visit Alamosa website. Explore the Alamosa National Wildlife refuge for your chance at seeing them!

Alongside the cranes, you can expect to see various species of waterfowl,songbirds, raptors, and more!  

Other Wildlife 

The refuge is home to countless species aside from the birds! One may spot mule deer, beavers, elk, rabbits, mice, and coyotes! 


As mentioned, Alamosa is anything but dull and hosts so many fun and exciting activities! With so many options, it is easy to build an itinerary that is perfect for whoever is coming along. Make planning even easier by using the itinerary builder found on our website! 


We Hope that you have found inspiration to start picking your activities for your Alamosa adventure! So what are you waiting for? Start planning today! 

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