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Experience the Mystic San Luis Valley

Welcome to the Colorado experience you’ve been waiting for. Rooted in the heart of the Majestic San Luis Valley, Alamosa Colorado offers everything needed to enjoy the quintessential Colorado experience... and then some. Overflowing with natural wonders, outdoor activities, culture, and authentic eats, there’s no shortage of things to add to your “to-do” list.

Alamosa’s close proximity to a multitude of sights and attractions makes it an ideal spot for travelers and weekend warriors alike. All within a few hours, you can summit North America’s tallest sand dunes, wrestle local alligators, go chasing waterfalls, and still make it back to the hot springs by sunset for some unfiltered R&R.

Things To Do

Adventure runs deep in our roots. Conveniently positioned next to rugged mountains, scenic wonders, and a long list of unique attractions, any adventure in the San Luis Valley is bound to be a memorable one. Hike, cycle, run, climb, sandboard, or stargaze to your heart’s content while enjoying grandiose views found in the Mystic San Luis Valley.

Find Your Own Space (there's plenty to go around)

For those who have been to Alamosa, you've likely caught a glimpse of some of the region's unworldly perspectives. Between the towering mountains, protected nature areas, and expansive dune fields, there's more than meets the eye as a diverse range of biodiversity is packed into our backyard. Just a stone's throw away from town, you can immerse yourself in beautiful surroundings within wilderness areas, state forests, national parks, and more.

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Know Before You Go

It’s finally time to explore again—our town, mountains, and forests await. But before you decide to venture out, we’d recommend reading up on what to expect when visiting our destination so you can enjoy a safe and fun trip.


Recreate Responsibly

Recreate Responsibly

They don’t call us the “Majestic San Luis Valley” for nothing. When you visit, you’ll be welcomed by a region filled with vast natural resources, rich history, and an abundance of wildlife. By recreating responsibly, you're helping us remain true to ourselves while considering our local community.

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Support Local

Support Local

Show some love by supporting local during your next visit. The shops, inns, and restaurants found in town are the heart and soul of our community. When visiting, you’ll quickly see that our community’s unique history of agriculture and adventure is rooted within every block of downtown Alamosa. 

Start mapping out your must-see destinations today.

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“What Can I Expect to Find in Alamosa?”

A truly authentic, diverse, and unrefined outdoors experience. You’ll likely stumble upon one of the valley’s many hidden gems spanning the 100-mile high desert area. All within this basin, you can find popular destinations such as the Great Sand Dunes National Park, the Rio Grande River, Sange de Cristo Mountains, and more, each offering wide open spaces with the luxuries of town right around the corner.

Get Inspired

Browse ready-to-go trip ideas for winter and beyond. Get a head start on planning your own memorable adventure.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

First Fridays in Downtown Alamosa

Every First Friday of the Month

Join us downtown for a monthly celebration of our community's movers and shakers. Engage with our community's vibrant scene of creators, performers, musicians, and much much more. 

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