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Welcome to Alamosa, home to some of the best hiking trails in the US. We know you have traveled from all over the world to experience these trails and enjoy the beauty Colorado has to offer! Visit Alamosa has prepared a list of the best hiking trails in Alamosa and hope you enjoy your visit! 


Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve Hikes 


1. Mosca Pass Trail

Travel 6.2 miles in just over 3 hours on this beautiful trail. Considered a moderately difficult route, it could be difficult making the journey with small children, though not impossible! Enjoy wildlife, bird watching, wildflowers, and breathtaking forest views along the way. Enjoy a picnic before you head back to your car while listening to the calming sounds of surrounding nature. Don't forget to leash up your four legged friend for this pet friendly adventure! You can find a map of the trail here.


2. High Dune Trail 

This beautiful 3 mile hike is highly rated by travelers and locals alike. Considered to be a challenging hike, it appeals to avid hiking enthusiasts. Though wearing your sandals for this sandy hike may be tempting, it is best to wear shoes that cover your feet to protect them from the hot sands....nothing worse than sun/sand burning your feet! It is to be warned that there is no shade cover on this trail and it is recommended that you dress and pack for such conditions. Hikers will be able to take in various species of birds along the way. This is a popular trail for birding enthusiasts, so be sure to pack your camera. You may spot wildflowers and various wildlife along the way too, however be sure to leave the nature untouched for other guests to experience and enjoy. Interested in staying the night? You can camp on the dunes and take in the dark sky park to enhance your journey!  Enjoy the sunrise on the dunes before packing up and heading out on your next trail adventure. You can find a map and more information about this hike here


3. Montville Nature Trail

This pet friendly trail is the perfect hike for beginners and those exploring with young children! A short, low rigor 15 minute commute will lead you to beautiful views of the dunes and mountains, various kinds of wildflowers, river views, and lush forests. Camping is allowed on this trail and is also fit with a restroom and has fresh water availability. Cell service can be spotty, so be sure to download or print your map in advance. Visitors can find a map of the trail along with more information here.

4. Dunes Overlook Trail

This trail is considered an easy to moderate hike in difficulty. 2.7 miles in length and gaining more than 400 feet in elevation, it is a park favorite and is said to have some of the best views of the dunes from anywhere in the park. It is a popular family trail and is highly recommended for hikers of all ages. Unwind and take in the views as you go. If you are in need of cooling off, there is a creek along this trail that is safe for you to cool off in. Shade is hard to come by on this trail, so be sure to plan accordingly! Spot various species of wildlife and birds found in the forest surrounding the trail. Be sure to be prepared for anything, as there have been bears spotted on the trail and reported by campers. You can find more information on what steps and precautions to take from the National Parks Service if you happen to cross a bear on your journey. Visitors can find a map and more information about the trail here


5. Wellington Ditch Trail 

2.3 miles in length and rated an easy trail, this hike is perfect for the entire family, including your four legged friend! It will take roughly 48 minutes to complete up and back, but guarantee you take longer to take in all of the scenery and smell all of the wildflowers. Like many of the Great Sand Dunes trails, you will be able to spot various breeds of birds and wildlife on this hike. Stunning views of the dunes and mountains will take your breath away. Spot the ruins of an old homestead cabin and get a glimpse of the past. You will come across a creek on this trail that will be perfect for the children and adults alike to splash around and cool off in as there is very little shade toward the end of the hike. This is a popular trail for families and is often busy so it is recommended that you arrive early for good parking and fewer encounters with others along the way! You can find information and a map of this trail here

Other Alamosa Hikes 

1. Blanca Peak

This Colorado 14er is not for the faint of heart and is not recommended for children or inexperienced hikers. Preparation and research before this hike is imperative and it is not recommended that you go in without doing some reading. Printing or downloading a map prior to heading off is highly recommended as cell service will not be available for most of the summit. Hikers will rise a staggering 16,729 feet in elevation by the end of the 19.7 mile journey and often, travelers report having a hard time breathing. You will most likely want to plan to camp overnight as it can take anywhere from 13 to 15 hours to complete. That being said, this is one of the most beautiful and rewarding hikes that Alamosa has to offer for experienced trailmen! On your way up you will spot the ruins of several old buildings, several glorious alpine lakes including Como Lake, gorgeous wildflowers, lush forest and views that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else in the San Luis Valley. Hikers report spotting wolves, bears, various species of birds, bugs, and deer. Visitors can find hikers reviews, maps, and more information about this beast of a hike here.


2. Ellingwood Point 

Another one of Alamosa's 14ers, this hike is considered to be very difficult for even the most experienced outdoor enthusiasts. Bringing children may prove to be a challenge as there is a lot of loose rock and steep inclines they may not be able to make it up. Rising 5,971 feet in elevation in just over 10 hours will put hikers to the test. Take in captivating mountain views on this stunning hike. Spot wildlife, birds, beautiful lakes, and lush forest areas that will stun most! Take your time preparing for this journey and be sure to have a map handy as keeping to the trail can prove to be tricky at times. Do not be in a rush to get back down and pack for all kinds of weather conditions, it is Colorado afterall! Camping spaces are plentiful on this hike and they are waiting for you to claim for the duration of your choosing. You can find more information on this trail and maps to go along with it here


3. Twin Peaks and Crestone Trail Loop 

This easy Alamosa hike is perfect for hikers of all ages! This is a generally flat trail that stretches 3.9 miles and will take just over an hour to complete. There are very few trail markers on this hike and travelers should have a map handy for reference. Views of the river and golf course will be seen along this trail. Birds and some wildlife will be present, but not in the way they are on other Alamosa trails. Being a less popular trail in the area, you are unlikely to encounter other guests on your journey. This is the perfect trail to take for a short trail day and easily achievable for beginner hikers! You can find maps and more information about this trail here.


4. Zapata Falls 

Located just outside of the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve entrance, this the the perfect hike to take before a day at the dunes. This easy 0.9 mile hike is suitable for hikers of all ages and leashed pets and will only take about a half hour to complete. The reward at the end of the trail is a beautiful waterfall tucked into a small cave-like structure that flows into a gorgeous creek that is perfect to cool off in! Beautiful flowers, birds, various species of wildlife and insects will be spotted along the way. The pleasing views of the dunes coupled with the mountains is a must see. You can find more information on this hike along with a map here.


5. Alamosa South Bluff Trail 

This trail is considered to be an easy hike. Stretching just over a mile, it is a great way to get outside and explore for a day. Opportunities to gaze at Sandhill Cranes, river oxbows, and even eagles may present themselves along the way. Being that this trail is located within the Alamosa National Wildlife refuge hikers will be able to take in an almost bird's eye view of the gorgeous refuge! The trail is maintained by the refuge staff and makes for a well kept trail for travelers to experience. More information about this trail and a map can be found here


Visit Alamosa encourages all visitors to try new hikes and adventure as far as you feel comfortable doing. We gently remind visitors to assess their hiking skill levels and research each trail listed to be sure it is a good fit for you or for the group that you are with. Brush up on hiking safety and be sure to know all of the most recent updates on the area you are hiking. Reading reviews of the trails will prove to be helpful! Take the time to download or print maps before you ascend of your adventure, cell service will not always be an option. Prepare properly for each of your journeys and keep in mind that Colorado weather can be different day to day, so expect the unexpected. Be sure to brush up on wildlife safety and know what to do if you find yourself encountering sometimes dangerous wildlife on the trails. Always pack snacks and plenty of water no matter the length of the hike. The sun can be brutal in the San Luis Valley and sun protection is crucial! Team Visit Alamosa is always here to help and we encourage you to stop into the Colorado Welcome Center if you have any questions or concerns!  Alamosa trails are beautiful and are waiting to be explored, so what are you waiting for?! Plan your trip and get ready to Colorado Differently! 




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