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Whether you like to plan in advance or just go with the flow, you'll never run out of things to do here in Alamosa. The great outdoors? Check. History? Of course. Amazing vistas? They’re everywhere you look. How about culture? Our roots run deep in culture, so much so that the San Luis Valley’s historic influence can be found in each of our activities and destinations. Perhaps the best thing to do is simply experience the unexpected. One thing’s for sure, the moment you set foot in town you’ll be a welcoming adventure with open arms.

Expect the Unexpected in Alamosa

Nestled in south-central Colorado, the San Luis Valley showcases the largest alpine desert valley in the world featuring an abundance of scenic marvels adding to the experience of each and every visitor. Views span over 100 miles leading to the rugged mountainscape that encircles the valley, towering over the Great Sand Dunes, historic sites, wildlife areas and more to offer a diverse and unforgettable place. At the heart of it all, Alamosa stands as a welcoming destination that has long connected visitors to this inspiring region and community.

The Great Sand Dunes

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Adventure runs deep in our roots. Well-positioned next to towering mountains, scenic wonders, and unique attractions, any adventure in the San Luis Valley is sure to be a memorable one. Regardless of how you’d choose to experience the great outdoors, you’ll find that Alamosa hosts an array of ways to enjoy the quintessential Colorado experience. Hike, cycle, run, climb, ski, or sandboard to your heart’s content while enjoying grandiose views of the mystic valley.

The Great Sand Dunes

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Encompassing so many ways to explore, the most difficult question remains: “what do we do first”? Alamosa is proud to offer visitors a unique connection to the places that make the San Luis Valley so unforgettable. Where else can you go from camping on the sand dunes, to chasing waterfalls, and capping the night off with a sunset soak all in one day? The opportunity is up for grabs. For those who welcome adventure with open arms, we invite you to experience the San Luis Valley in your own way.


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Take a walk on the wild side. Here in the Wild West, you never know what you’ll find. What you can expect, is an authentic yet unspoiled outdoor experience here for you to immerse yourself in. Rugged landscapes, abundant wildlife, and vibrant history converge to offer city slickers an unfiltered view of life on the range, backed by a long list of action packed activities.


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