5 Reasons to Visit Alamosa in the Fall

Alamosa is beautiful no matter what time of year you visit. However, there is something about the brisk air, beautiful scenery, and the changing of the season that makes Fall the perfect time to Visit Alamosa. There are a thousand reasons why you should visit in the fall, but we figured the top 5 would be all you need to make your decision! Continue reading below to find out what makes Fall the ideal season to plan your trip.


Fall Marks the Start of the Slow Season in Alamosa 

As the school year begins, the weather starts to cool off, and as the first weeks of fall approach, the traffic starts to slow down in Alamosa as well as the rest of the San Luis Valley. What does this mean for you? Smaller crowds, less traffic on the roads, and a calm, peaceful setting for the duration of your stay! Not to mention the shorter wait times to get into your favorite attractions like The Great Sand Dunes National part or your favorite local eatery! Get a real taste of something unique as green chili season begins! The smell of fresh roasted green chilis will fill the air and leave you curious to try something new! Alamosa has many local coffee shops that really bring excitement to the town with their seasonal Fall favorite recipes! Pumpkin lattes and spiced baked goods are waiting for you all around town! We know that Roots by Blessed and Milagro's are sure to have something that pleases all of the fans of Fall! 

Viewing Fall Colors Like Never Before 

Fall in Alamosa gives a new meaning to "Colorful Colorado." The leaves change to all different shades of yellow, red, and brown making the scenery picture perfect! The abundance of mountain trails close by makes viewing leaves a breeze. Spot wildlife, late season flowers, stunning leaves, and so much more when you choose to visit in the Fall. Mid September through early November is the best time to view the fall foliage before it is whisked away by winter. Don't wait to take in the beauty that Alamosa offers Autumn lovers in this season! 

Cooler Temperatures = More Time Outside, Comfortably

Summer in Alamosa is undoubtedly beautiful, but it tends to be very hot through the Summer, making you retreat to the shade or to a location with air conditioning. The brisk Fall temperatures make it to where you can be outside all day doing the things you love! There are still some hot days sprinked in, but most of the time, you will be enjoying temperatures at a high of 75 degrees with a low of 33 degrees September through October and a high of 54 degrees with a low of 23 degrees through November. 

Best Fishing Happens in the Fall

Fall in Alamosa marks the best time to go fishing! The crowds have thinned out leaving you and the locals on the water. The Brown Trout begin to spawn in the Fall and will be a treat to catch. The low, clear water levels are sure to call out to all fishermen, but particularly fly fishermen looking to take advantage of the river! The cooler temperatures leave the fish more active during the day making for a fun filled day of catching plenty of fish. Get excited, you can expect anywhere from 30-45 days of idyllic fishing early September through mid October! While you enjoy amazing fishing, you also get to take in the leaves changing before your eyes as well as spot wildlife as they begin their move into lower elevations. You can check out all of the best fishing spots and find all of the best advice on our blog! Do not miss out on this unique opportunity, as you will not be disappointed in a Fall fishing trip.

Best Time to Camp is in the Fall 

Perfect temperature, changing leaves, fewer people- these are just a few of the reasons why Fall is the best time to choose to camp in Alamosa. This season offers so much to campers that the others do not! Spend your mornings breathing in the cool fall air as you cook breakfast over the campfire. Enjoy the peaceful sounds of nature as there are few campers to be found this time of year. Enjoy the growing numbers of wildlife as they move into lower elevations for the winter and birds migrate for winter. As always, proceed with caution by storing your food properly as not to attract unwanted camp site visitors for your and their safety. See Colorado at its most beautiful as the leaves change color and make for picture perfect opportunities. Hike the beautiful trails that offer pristine leaf viewing opportunities. You can take a look at the best places to hike on our blog! If you need more reasons to camp in Alamosa, check our our top 5 reasons why you should!

The team here at Visit Alamosa wishes you grand adventures as this beautiful season gives you more reasons to "fall" in love with Alamosa! 


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