New Healthy Beginnings in the SLV

If 2018 resolutions included healthy activities such as skiing more deep powder at Wolf Creek, so far this winter, Mother Nature has not provided. Hopefully she will even herself out from February through April and lay down those deep carpets of snowy fluff for us to enjoy! Weather is out of our control.

How about those healthy activities over which we do have control for our bodies, mind, and spirits? Enter four new businesses in the San Luis Valley who are addressing those needs. Cool Breeze Farm, Susan Vadney Massage and Sound Healing, Infinite Art Gallery and Tea House, and the new remodeled Body Tune Up Gym.


Allien Jones moved here from the bustle of California to pursue what she loves, growing flowers, edible plants and herbs. She has rented a farm that came with a solar heated greenhouse for her plants to grow year round, not only in organic soil, but she has a unique hydroponic system for growing a variety of herbs and lettuces, vertically! It is the first time I have ever seen lettuce, cilantro and parsley growing sideways in this ‘vertical garden.’ Constructed in a metal framework with a drip system, I was eyeball to eyeball with cilantro.

The farm is off the grid northeast of Alamosa and utilizes solar hot water, solar electric, passive solar, and thermal mass in the form of large solar heated water tanks to help balance temperature extremes. Clean artesian well water is used for growing many different types of flowers and plants. Jones is also renting garden space at the Gator Farm up the road where the 87 degree water temperatures not only keeps 300 alligators happy, but the warm water in the greenhouse is magical for growing food in the winter. The extreme winter cold of the San Luis Valley can be overcome by creating microclimates within a carefully controlled indoor environment.

One of my favorite things about visiting Cool Breeze were the floor to ceiling tomato plants, whereby I got to eat several fresh ones, ripened on the vine and ready in January! And, instead of importing edible greens in plastic containers from California the only thing the SLV had to do was import Jones’ knowledge. Find Cool Breeze products at the Valley Food Coop. Eat well. Be weller! NOTE: There are other growers producing greens and tomatoes all year long in the San Luis Valley. Stop by the Local Food Coalition office at the end of the block north of Milagro’s for the list.


With over twenty years of experience in the healing arts, Susan Vadney has brought her talents to the SLV. Her massage therapy utilizes a range of techniques with specialties in relaxation, and methods to help with chronic neck and back injuries, sports related issues, repetitive work and accident problems.

Lesser known is the practice of Acutonics, a sound healing modality using tuning forks on acupuncture points and other parts of the body, along with our own energy field to address physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances. Acutonic sound healing also includes, but is not limited to, gongs, drums, and singing bowls.

Other services include body scrubs, detoxing foot baths, and certified Magnetic Resonance Systems whereby the treatments assist every healthy cell in the body to function at its highest level. Vadney is also certified in helping with carpal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, knee, lower leg and foot injuries. She also does aroma therapy, neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release and lymphatic drainage. For energy work she is also a Reiki Master.

In conjunction with the newly remodeled and expanded Body Tune Up Gym, Vadney is offering a sound meditation evening to celebrate the Super Blue Moon Wednesday, January 31st, at 7 pm. ( A blue moon is when there are two full months in the same month - rare, as the moon cycle takes 29.5 days to repeat.) The giant moon will be rising that night up and over the Sangre de Cristo Range. To book the full moon meditation or for treatment information contact Susan Vadney at 719 - 588 - 2608. Stop by Body Tune-Up and see Donovan Seow for a complete class schedule for yoga, spin classes, Circuit Training, etc. at 420 State Street north of Milagro’s. Intuitively, we all know health is wealth! 719-888-9288

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