Million Dollar Shot

Million Dollar Shot

Deconstructing the Practice of Regional Travel Photography.

The Majestic San Luis Valley has a way of demanding fresh perspectives from life. After taking one step in the largest alpine valley in the world you’ll likely sense why that is. It’s the raw mixture of ancient history, southwest culture, and dramatic yet diverse landscapes that challenges any photographer who readies their viewfinder. There’s so much to see, and yet it’s hard to capture a single scene in one image. Why is it so challenging?

We’ll dive into the new methodology, first outlined by our friends at Visit Colorado Colorado.

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Less is More

When visiting Colorado there’s an urgency to photograph every impressive vista or landscape as soon as you encounter it. Everyone’s guilty of it, and that’s okay! The “million-dollar” idea we’re suggesting recommends that you hold off on taking your camera out. Take a moment to reel in the excitement of your new subject, appreciate it, and spend some time considering what perspective is the right one for you. After you’ve spent some time here, you’ll be better setup to grab a meaningful photograph that you’ll cherish long after.

3 Techniques to Embrace During Your Next Trip

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Filter Free Zones

Filter Free Zones are places that are magnificent just the way they are. So much so that adding a filter would only ruin the authentic beauty of the shot. Challenge your skills, manipulate the lighting, be guided by the weather, and let the pure essence of your subjects come forward.

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Shutter Speed
Limit Zones

It can be tempting to snap multiple photos from slightly different angles. But in the Shutter Speed Limit Zone, we're asking you to put the camera down for a few minutes and examine the world through your eyes, not a viewfinder. By focusing on quality, not quantity, we believe your photography will be richer and more poignant.

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Colorado Photo Reserves

Photo Preserves are spaces where we work together to ensure our photography practices leave no trace. When visiting a preserve, take some time for reflection: how can photography enrich the places we visit? How can you change your travel habits to leave less of an impact?

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Up For the Challenge?

We invited a two Colorado natives and travel photographers to test the theory behing this simplified idea of travel photography. By reducing their shuttle speeds and being more concientious, would they improve their experince, and aas a resulty their end-product? Read on to see thier full story.


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