Family Fun Itinerary

Season: Spring, Summer, Fall
Days: 3

Day One

Head for the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve!
The best part of this giant sand box is the beach! Every year, snow runoff creates a warm, clear creek across the sand. It’s better than the beach because it’s so clean and runs from the base of 14,000 foot peaks. Adventurous kids may even talk Mom and Dad into climbing to the top of Star Dune, the largest of the Dunes. Eat lunch at the Great Sand Dunes Oasis at the entrance to the park where homemade pies are a speciality.

Day Two

It’s just not normal. But then again do kids want normal? Alligators, UFO’s, and 150,000 gallons of hot springs will stay in the memories of kids forever. Head up highway 17 to Mosca, and visit over 450 alligators soaking in warm geothermal waters at Colorado Gators. Then continue north to Hooper to check out the UFO Watchtower where you’ll learn about the unusual number of paranormal sightings  in the area at this really bizarre roadside attraction. Then spend the rest of the day at Sand Dunes Hot Springs Swimming Pool. You really don’t want to miss this incredible place, and you can take your appetite. They’ve got burgers, salads, pizzas, wraps, and more.

Day Three

All Aboard the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad for a historic, scenic ride over one of North America’s highest mountain rail passes. Up steep grades, around winding curves, along steep canjons and through two tunnels, you’re family will enjoy a day together that is peaceful and exciting at the same time! Your trip will take you to the quaint mountain town of LaVeta, where you stop for a couple of hours of lunch, museums, shopping and a great, shady park.

Dig in for Dinner!

While you’re in Alamosa, don’t miss Calvillos! There are over 80 items on this authentic Mexican buffet, or order off the menu. This restaurant is an icon. You’ll be talking about it long after you’ve returned home. Alamosa has over 35 restaurants, so you’ll find plenty more choices to meet the tastes of your family!

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