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Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy

It's no surprise that the San Luis Valley, widely known as the "Land of Cool Sunshine", is an ideal spot for the exploration and production of alternative energies like geothermal, solar, wind and biodiesel - our climate and wide open, sunny spaces aren't only beautiful, they're pushing us forward into a new generation of power - renewable power. Pay an online visit to some of the companies who have seen the same rich potential in our region that we do.

Our region's oldest and largest independent petroleum marketer, Alamosa-based Alta Fuels has helped to spearhead the alternative energy movement by providing its clients with biodiesel alternatives and partnering with other community efforts to make renewable energy more widely available throughout Colorado and New Mexico. 

Using renewable agricultural products, Blue Sun provides premium-quality, high-performance biodiesel to the automotive fuels market, and is working to reduce the costs of and improve access to renewable energy for everyone.

North America's largest solar energy provider has partnered with Xcel Energy to install the world's largest dual-technology solar plant in the nation. When complete, the 80-acre plant will produce an impressive 8 megawatts through its concentrating photovoltaic and advanced flat-plate solar panel units - enough to power more than 2,000 valley homes.