Assembly of God

River of Life Assembly of God
2602 Clark Street, 719-589-3636
Sunday  worship 10a.m.
Wednesday  7p.m.


San Luis Valley Baptist Church
930 State Avenue, 719-589-5938
Sunday worship 11a.m. and 6p.m.
Wednesday 7p.m.
Living Water Bible Fellowship
1022 Main Street, 719-589-6351
Sunday worship 10:45a.m.
College Heights Baptist Church
2045 Church Avenue, 719-589-6814
Sunday worship 11a.m. and 6p.m.


Calvary Bible Chapel
7160 Brush Lane, 719-589-2150
Sunday 9:30a.m. and 11a.m.


Sacred Heart Catholic Church
715 4th Street, 719-589-5829
Weekdays 7a.m. Buswell Chapel
Saturdays 5:15p.m. and 7p.m. (Spanish)
Sundays 8:a.m., 10:30a.m., 5p.m. (youth Mass)

Christian Disciples of Christ
First Christian Church
518 1st Street, 719-589-6805
Sunday worship 10a.m., includes children’s church

Christian Independent

Alamosa Christian Church
410 McQuerry Street, 719-589-5526
Sunday worship 10:30a.m., includes junior church program
Wednesday night family program 7p.m.

Christian Reformed

Alamosa Christian Reformed Church
1861 County Road 10 South, 719-589-3493
Sunday worship 10:15a.m.

Church of Christ

Church of Christ
408 Victoria Avenue, 719-589-4236
Sunday worship 10:30a.m.
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Alamosa First Ward Latter Day Saints Church
300 Richardson Avenue, 719-589-2849
Sunday 9a.m. and 12p.m.

Divine Science

Church of Scientology
511 Main Street, 719-587-5554
Services Mon and Wed 7p.m.


St. Thomas the Apostle Episcopal Church
607 4th Street, 719-589-6843
Sunday worship 9a.m.

Jehovah’s Witnesses

Kingdom Hall
10922 E. Highway 160, 719-589-3940
Public Meeting Sunday 10a.m.


Trinity Lutheran Church
52 El Rio Drive, 719-589-4611
Sunday worship 10a.m.

Methodist United

First United Methodist Church
2005 Mullins Avenue, 719-589-2243
Sunday worship 8a.m. and 10a.m.


Mountain Valley Church
408 State Avenue, 719-589-6733
Sunday worship 10:30a.m.

Pentecostal United

Alamosa United Pentecostal Church
184 E 2nd Street, 719-589-0475
Sunday 11a.m.


Alamosa Presbyterian Church
330 San Juan Avenue, 719-589-4384
Sunday Worship 10:30a.m.

Seventh-day Adventist

Seventh-Day Adventist Church
315 Craft Drive, 719-589-2772

Unitarian Universalist

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
514 Main Street, 719-587-5529
Meets at Hospice del Valle
2nd and 4th Sundays 10a.m.
September through 2nd Sunday in June


Vineyard of the Rio Grande
3211 Main St., 719-480-5859
Sunday worship 10:30a.m.

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