The City of Alamosa, Alamosa County and The State of Colorado all offer residents and visitors a wide range of information regarding our area.

City of Alamosa

The City of Alamosa, a charter city, operates under the Council-Manager form of government. Under this system, the Council establishes the policies under which the City operates and appoints a trained and experienced City Manager to administer the affairs of the City.

Alamosa County

The Board of Alamosa County Commissioners are the chief elected officials of Alamosa County. The Board serves as the legislative policy-making body for the County. Additionally, the County Commissioners represent the County through State and local Boards. Alamosa County has three County Commissioners elected for four year staggered terms.

The County Commissioners are elected from three districts divided geographically and each County Commissioner must reside within the district they represent. The County Commissioners budget is supported by the General Fund. The Board of Alamosa County Commissioners meetings are the second and last Wednesday of each month.

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